My name is Krista Radzina.

I'm a Latvian born photographer living in Devon, UK and I will take the most beautiful photo you have of yourself!

I specialise in natural and business portraits for men and women. I also photograph events such as weddings, children's parties, sports competitions etc.

I Iove working with normal people just like You and me. I've heard it all before - "Oh no, not me - just the children", "I'm not photogenic", "Oh no, I hate having my photos taken", "I need to loose weight" , "Oh no, I'm too old" or "I feel awkward in front of the camera”.

You might be one of my clients who don't own any photos of themselves only because no-one has ever taken a good photo of them they would be proud of.

As your photographer I will help you relax in front of the camera and gently guide you through posing that flatter you and your body - regardless of your dress size or age.

Together we will create photographs that capture your individuality and your personality.
Portraits that you will love and will proudly pass on to your loved ones.
One day these photographs will be priceless.

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