I’m Krista Radzina - a multiple award-winning photographer near Honiton, Devon.
I specialise in portraits of humans and their pets. If you have a dog who is a big part of your family, I will take a gorgeous portrait of you both together. I think every dog deserves a special portrait. I have taken photographs of Labradoodle, Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo, Labrador, Visla, Cockapoo, Beagle, Husky, Whippet, rescue dogs and different cross-breeddogs and almost any dog breed you think of. The dogs visiting my studio have been of all ages from young puppies to very old hugely loved dogs who want to make sure their owners will always remember them.
Many clients can be anxious sometimes as they are not sure their best friend will be a well-behaved model in a photo shoot. I have photographed over 1000 dogs and believe me when I say – they love the attention they get on the day of the photo shoot! This is likely to be one of the favourite things you have ever done together with your dog. As a result, you will have stunning portraits of you and your dog to display in your house. Embrace being the very proud dog owner you know you already are! These will be memories to last you a lifetime (on our 100-year guarantee prints) and you will pass them on to your loved ones. One day these photographs will be priceless.
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At Krista Radzina Photography we know that you want to be a dog owner who honours their canine friend. You might have a new puppy or a trusted companion who has been a big part of your family for many years. To truly honour them, you need to display photos capturing the unique personality of your dog in your house, more so – to display photos of your dog and you together. The problem is, it is never the right time for a dog photo shoot and it feels complicated. We know this makes you feel guilty as you never make the effort to celebrate your dog. We believe there comes a time when you have to put your best friend first! We understand how it feels when you just can’t capture a beautiful frame worthy photographs when all you have are cute and funny dog pictures on your phone. But nothing where your dog looks like it’s a true king or queen of the castle - where he or she shines as the unique character they are. We have a way of making your dog look truly breathtaking, we take truly stunning dog portraits.  We will create those memories for you with a fun dog and owner photoshoot and will take the most beautiful photos of you both together. You will have more than just photos of you and your dog. Your dog photo shoot will turn into a bespoke wall art which you and your family will treasure forever. Imagine the portraits of you and your beloved dog making your home even more homely. Surrounding yourself with beautiful wall art will make you smile every day and that I can promise.