I’m sure, just like us, you clapped in gratitude for our NHS.  At Krista Radzina Photography we want to do something much more positive than just clap.


We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Charity initiative. “Photography without Frontiers”, a national initiative, to raise funds for NHS Charities Together and we hope you will join us in saying thank you to those that truly deserve our thanks.


It is a really simple thing to do.  If you are like us,  and you want to donate and support our NHS heroes, we are offering to swap your donation for a complimentary photoshoot, when safe and appropriate to do so, and your choice of image as a web resolution digital file with the initiatives special, “I helped the NHS” banner, so we can paint social media NHS blue.

Donate £10 to the NHS Charities Together now

We are so passionate about helping support the cause the studio will add £5 to whatever donation you make so we can raise as much as we possibly  can to help our NHS.  I’ve already made a donation so I’m proud to show my portrait with our “I helped our NHS” banner, make a donation and come and get yours.  There is a limited supply, so be quick, don’t miss out.

All you need to do is go to,  you can learn more about the charity initiative here and then make your donation.  Find your way back to us and we can send you your promissory voucher for your session.  If you wish we can even tentatively look at available dates and make time to discuss your session, styles, colours etc.


You already know how much we value the memories we make on your behalf, it’s our job to give families precious memories that will last more than a lifetime.


If this pandemic has shown us all one thing, it’s just how important our friends and family are to us.  Only a beautiful portrait can hold that emotion and bridge distance, and time apart, from those who are important to us.  So the aim of this charity initiative is very much to create  a win / win scenario.  A win for the NHS as we raise funds, and a win for you in the fact that we will create an amazing image for you to take part in our program of social media gratitude.  You never know, it may end up as your new favourite image, framed and on the wall, but that will be up to you.


Many of us have had to rely on the NHS to help us, and more than ever we value the work of dedicated doctors, nurses, porters, support workers, receptions and all NHS staff.  We really want to help raise as much as we can so please, please, please share this with friends, family, work colleagues… everybody you can.

Donate £10 to the NHS Charities Together now

There are over 100 photographers from various areas in the UK and specialising in different genres so you can definitely find someone local to you. Some of the photography studios include:

Renata Clarke Portraits Styled portrait photography in Worcester

Annika Bloch Family photographer in West London

Bob Foyers Suffolk portrait photographer


If you would like to receive your photoshoot and a media sized image as my gratitude for your donation, email me a screenshot of your donation, your phone number and the best time to call you. I will contact you to start planning your shoot! 

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